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William Joseph Osborne

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My filmmaking journey began at the age of 13, making stop motion films as a hobby. My first job as a Museum Assistant allowed me to put my skills to work on several paid commissions, both stop motion and live-action, to promote the museum. This led me to enroll as a BA Film Student at the University of South Wales. My experience at university helped me realize my passion for not just animation, but also in Editing. I was able to refine my craft as an editor by having access to industry-standard tools, learning the value of file organization, developing my workflow, and gaining the experience of producing a finished final edit within the required timeframes.​


Every role in film requires passion. Whether it's fiction, documentary, or promotional/commercial work, when you bring together a group of people who all really feel passionate about their specific role, then you're going to get a great finished product. Editing is that thing that strives me to keep going and keep creating, and I love every opportunity to create.

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